Frequently Asked Questions

 Where does treatment take place?

Please call 951-640-3384 to schedule an appointment.Treatments take place at your barn or home, at a time which is convenient for you.


Is Equine Myofascial Release different than equine massage?

Yes. Equine massage focuses on improving circulation and relaxing muscles. Traditional equine massage only releases the collagen layer of the soft tissue. Myofascial Release treats not just the symptoms, but the cause of the problem, the fascial restrictions. By releasing both the collagen and elastin layers of the soft tissue, lasting results are attained.  

What about equine chiropractic?

Many people have tried equine chiropractic therapy to improve structural problems with their horse. Chiropractic treats only the bone structure of the horse. Often, the problem lies in the soft tissue ( muscles, ligaments,tendons), and the soft tissue restrictions are constantly pulling the bones out of alignment.  Addressing fascial restrictions allows the horse to return to proper alignment, and makes for more comfortable, longer lasting chiropractic adjustments.