Ruth Fuller, CMT

Massage and Bodywork to Promote Optimum Health and Well-Being for Every Horse

Horses are the true essence of beauty in motion. Each horse has specific needs based on their medical history, level of activity, training and disciplines. It is my goal to keep your horse in peak condition, whether he is a top competitor, trail horse, or just a pasture buddy. Using the proven methods of John Barne's Myofascial Release, sports massage, soft tissue mobilization and more, treatment sessions are designed to provide powerful changes and long term relief.

Therapy That Works

Myofascial Release helps restore the necessary flexibility within the connective tissue to help the horse return to optimal health and enhance overall performance. Myofascial Release uses sustained, gentle but deep pressure to release restrictions, which allows for elongation of the tissue and reduces overall pull and stress on the fascial system. Myofascial Release treats the cause of the problem, instead of just temporarily relieving symptoms, allowing for permanent results.

Each session begins with a hands on evaluation, as well as gait and conformation analysis. Treatment may begin in the area of restriction, but will address structural issues throughout the horse. Addressing restrictions throughout the entire body is the key to optimum results.